21 Step Copywriting Cheat Sheet

In 1911 the Attention Interest Desire Action (AIDA) 4 part sales process was published and credited to “the Sheldon School of Scientific Salesmanship”. It’s as old as the hills and twice as bumpy.


How many times each week do we see a pitchman, an ad headline or a product display grabbing our attention?

It scratches at our interest button in such a way that we don’t look away.

It makes us reallllly FEEL the want deep down and get us to have that “I NEED THAT” conversation with ourselves.

It engages our emotions and emotions drive every decision we make, every hour of the day.

This finally ends with the credit card climax, and that sweet little SHAM WOW is ours…

That’s a sales process that has been refined since the middle ages and it’s as deeply ingrained in our DNA as eating and sleeping.

Even though we’re bombarded with the sales process, we as marketers (at least the majority of us) still struggle with writing ad copy. Even though it can be broken down into very simple steps, and is pretty obvious when you take the time to break it down, we still struggle.

I’m the most guilty of hating to write copy. Writing ad copy was my least favorite thing to do for the first 7 years I spent promoting things online. Until I took the time to break down the components of a good sales letter, I was very stumped when looking at a blank screen ready to write. I did some mindmapping and that helped a little in planning my articles but never quite ended with good solid copy that sells stuff.

Getting good at copywriting is a necessary part of our job as digital marketers. You don’t have to avoid it because I’ve created a step by step blueprint of the elements of a good sales letter and I’m sharing it with you.

Why? Because I think it will make a super blog post.

For me, I tend to bounce between two blueprints that I have gathered over the years for writing good copy. Here is the cheat sheet that I usually go to.

I’m also thinking a webinar is in order because info graphics are nice, but these items could use some explainin’ to really drive the point home. But for now, this is the concept in 21 steps that I use to write my sales copy based on books I have read and sales letters that I have swiped from some of the biggest names in the industry.



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