57 Free Website Traffic Sources

57 Free Website Traffic Sources

57 Free Website Traffic Sources PDF & Videos

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Free Website Traffic from Video Sharing Sites

Uploading multiple review, demo or tutorial videos and then having a Call To Action to drive traffic to your site is a method many successful marketers use. Uploading multiple review, demo or tutorial videos and then having a Call To Action to drive traffic to your site works best. Some popular Video Sharing sites:





Free Website Traffic from Social Media Sites, and Web 2.0 Sites

People spend a lot of time on Social Media sites and it’s easy to find very targeted groups of people. Remember these sites are mainly used for social interaction, so a heavy sales pitch usually doesn’t work. Sites like HubPages, Blogger and Squidoo are good for creating additional portals to your main site.

What’s important here is all of these sites are VERY popular and can be used to send traffic to your websites.









FREE Website Traffic from Tutorial Sites

These sites are usually geared towards the design and technical niches, but there are still many opportunities in other niches. Sites like these are great places to establish yourself as an expert in your niche.


Very cool Visual Tutorial Site


Technical and Marketing Topics

www.Udemy.com is a great site for video tutorials.

Your content must be First Class, but this is a wonderful site that is gaining a lot of attention. www.learni.st is kind of like a Pinterest for educational tutorials. The content isn’t created here, but if you have tutorials on your site or YouTube this would be a good place to join and submit your content.

Guest Blogging and Forum Marketing

Guest Blogging lets you create content on other peoples blogs. Helps establish you as an authority and gives you a link back to your site. Can even help you promote a product or service that you offer. Use Google and do a search for: [“guest post” your niche].

Also do a search at Bing for the exact same thing. Google and Bing use different criteria so you will find many more opportunities using both Search Engines.

Some great places for guest blogging:





Forum Marketing is one of the most popular ways to get FREE traffic to your site. Search Google for “forum” or “discussion” in your niche. Try and become an authority by contributing valuable posts and answering questions in the forums in your niche. If you are not an expert, just use Google or Bing to find the right answers. In your signature have a link to your site with a valuable FREE offer or some sort of SECRET.

57 Free Website Traffic Sources PDF & Videos

Click Here To Download

FREE Website Traffic from Social Bookmarking and Q&A Sites

The key to success with Social Bookmarking sites is to make connections with many other people on those sites. Generally you won’t see floods of traffic from these sites, but the opportunity is there for you to gain some visitors to your content.

Some great Social Bookmarking sites:





Many people swear by using Q&A sites for highly targeted traffic. Find the questions that need answering in your niche and provide them with solutions. One thing that can’t be denied, many of these sites are VERY popular.

Some great Q&A sites:






FREE Website Traffic from Ebook and Document Sharing Sites

For many years Article Marketing was one of the most widely used free traffic generation methods. In recent times it has fallen out of favor with Google, but there is still plenty of free traffic using it and other document sharing sites.

www.ezinearticles.com Article Marketing


www.slideshare.net Great for PowerPoint and Inforgraphics

www.docstoc.com Business and Technology Related

www.smashwords.com Great for Fiction and Non Fiction Ebooks

www.authorstream.com Many categories PDF’s only

www.myplick.com Many categories PowerPoint and PDF

www.pdfcast.org PDF’s only

www.slideboom.com Many categories PowerPoint only


www.powershow.com PowerPoint presentations only

www.slideserve.com Many categories PowerPoint only


I have also included www.Amazon.com because of the popularity of e-readers and the ability for you to publish free Kindle books and drive loads of free traffic to your site.

Free Website Traffic from Press Release Sites

Press Releases are a tried and true method to drive traffic and build strong back links to your site. A Press Release can be created for just about anything from a new product, the creation of a new site or even new content on your site.










57 Free Website Traffic Sources PDF & Videos

Click Here To Download

FREE Website Traffic from Traffic Exchanges

The traffic from these sites is usually pretty poor, but if you have an offer geared towards affiliates or other marketers they may be worth checking out.

I really don’t recommend buying upgrades or spending too much time at these sites, there are better paid traffic options and better uses of your time.






Miscellaneous FREE Website Traffic Sources

If you have a list of targeted subscribers one of the best ways to get FREE traffic is with Ad Swaps. An Ad Swap is when 2 marketers that each have lists do a mailing for the other.

These mailings are usually for a FREE offer on a squeeze page. You can learn all about Ad Swaps and find people to swap with at www.safe-swaps.com

There are many marketers that use www.craigslist.org and their FREE classifieds to drive traffic to their sites. With their many categories, you should be able to find one for your niche.

Wrap Up

Free website traffic sources are great and if you watch the free videos below you will see that the key to free traffic in a lot of cases is targeting the correct keywords. If you target keywords that have high search volume, even if they are super competitive, you will be able to siphon off traffic from all 57 free traffic sources that we outlined in these videos.

To find the best keywords you need keyword research data.

We have mashed together the best keyword intelligence data sources in the world and packaged them in 6 different keyword research tools inside of AffPortal.com.

I’d like to give you a 14 day pass to help you get started. Click the button below to register for your 14 day pass free.


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