6 Must Haves for Online Audience Building

I recently consulted with a woman in the health and wellness niche about her business.

As I went down my list of “Audience Building Must Haves” it occurred to me that a lot of marketers overlook audience building or go about it the long way. But audience building is the fastest way to a long term business and it can be done quickly if you make sure to include these 6 components from the start.


Some of the 6 components may seem obvious but today we’re starting at the basics. If this were American Football, today’s practice would be about blocking and tackeling.

When you do the little things correctly, it’s much easier do the bigger things later.

At the end there’s a downloadable mindmap with more details on each component.

Here’s the 6 things that you can’t do without when building your online audience.

  1. Your Own Website – this gives you with an informational hub for you to start your audience building. You own it, you promote it, you get the audience and you get the benefits for a long time to come.
  2. Social Media Accounts – here’s the top 4 list that covers most niches: Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Twitter. Focus your attention on these to start. See the sub branches listed on the mindmap.
  3. Niche Research Data – you should never write about things that no body is interested in. You need an intelligent keyword tool to find primary keywords for every post you write.
  4. Post Content – every post has a purpose and provides valuable niche relevant information and includes a call to action (for an event, a download, a Facebook group, etc…)
  5. An Email List – This is the fiber that binds the whole system together. It’s the jewel of your audience building efforts and it’s an opportunity for opportunity. Each person on your email list is an opportunity to put two half baked ideas together to make something pretty special. I highly recommend talking to people on your list outside of email blasts whenever you have the chance. That’s where the private Facebook Group branch that’s on the mindmap comes in.
  6. Promotions – Free traffic is fun, but investing as little as $1 per day promoting your awesome content speeds up audience growth dramatically. Web traffic is a commodity. It is bought and sold. The sooner you get good at paid traffic, the sooner you will be profitable.

I’m going to do a bootcamp webinar where I will dive into the Audience Building mindmap below. Download the mindmap below and I’ll send you the date when it’s scheduled.


Download the MindMap

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