Swipe Our 980 Great Headlines From COSMO Magazine

How many times have you stood in line at the store and a magazine headline does its magic on you? Literally, it grabs you by the eyes and gets you wanting more?

And they’ll show you the rest of the story if you take that next step and pick up the magazine.


Internet marketers can learn a lot about writing effective, “action getting” headlines from the world around us.

Here’s the top 3 places for great headlines:

1. Magazines at the grocery store checkout

2. Billboards, especially the digital ones

3. Junk mail advertisements

You can learn to write better copy by just paying a little attention to these three sources. It just takes a minute to give a little thought to what they’re saying, what pain points they are poking at and of course, their call to action.

These are the Top 10 Cosmopolitan Headlines!

They’re a little racy but you can see the angle and then you can modify them for your own niche, product and sales pitch.

  1. Lose weight while you eat – 9 belly shrinking foods
  2. 8 Things guys notice instantly
  3. The sexy ass workout – 2 weeks to tight cheeks
  4. 5 things that can blow a job interview
  5. The “dirty sex” rule happy couple swear by
  6. Get rid of muffin top. 7 belly blasting tricks
  7. Just do this on date #1 (and he’s yours)
  8. 8 things in your closet that make you look chunky
  9. 18 genius ways to make your cash go further
  10. 100 SEX TRUTHS. Short and sweet answers to burning sex questions

Click Here To Download all 980 headlines from COSMO Magazine

Stay Creative!


(Original: 4/26/15 – Last Updated: 5/6/15)

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