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Today I’d like to get grounded and go over some basic truths about marketing online, offline, data collection, RTB and some places in between where the funky stuff grows…

1. You’re not paranoid, they are watching (and profiling) you. The digital you is alive and well in thousands of databases worldwide and is enhanced everyday as you login, browse around, update your profile, use a discount card at the store, buy anything with a credit card, browse TV, buy on Amazon and otherwise unknowingly add to the hundreds of data points that’s attributed to your computer, your ip, you, your family and your ‘virtual reflection’ or online ‘persona’.

And THAT’S the 101 version… The rabbit hole goes much, much deeper but it’ll make your head blow up if I get into it. So for now, let’s stick to just that.

2. About 2/3 of the banners available on a daily basis are below the fold (banner locations that you need to scroll down the web page to see). I’ve heard statistics that suggest as much as 70% are below the fold. These are impressions that are simply not seen a lot of the time. If you knew you were bidding below the fold, should you buy that impression?

The answer is both yes and no.

DON’T buy below the fold impressions in your first campaign. Always stick to ads that are being shown above the fold for your initial campaigns.

DO buy below the fold impressions in a separate campaign and bid much less than your above the fold campaigns.

If you need to know how to select above the fold impressions in ClickCertain, you’ll find it in your Campaign’s Targeting Groups:

I do not believe this option is available in SiteScout or LeanMarket type of platforms. If I’m wrong, I’m open to correction, just send me a note on how to apply it and I’ll post it.

3. Every page on the web that participates in the Real Time Bidding system, 98% of the whole internet, is categorized.

It’s called Taxonomy.  It’s the science of categorizing things, organizing. It’s grouping together like things using a complex tagging system.

Years back SEOs realized that keyword stuffing meta tags doesn’t work anymore because computers can read the content on the page to figure out what the page is about.

It didn’t stop there and Google isn’t the only one with this technology.

This is the heart of contextual advertising. Without Taxonomy, advertisers that want to display ads next to like minded content would be out of luck.

With Taxonomy, our “pillow pets” banner ads can snuggle right into a page about fuzzy kids toys, no problem and easier than ever before.

In this 2 minute video, we’ll go over RTB basics and reinforce the 3 big points that we discussed above. Check it out, it’s only 2:35… you’ve got time…

If you’re ready to dive into RTB, ClickCertain is the up and comer. It’s a trading desk at the baddest big boy in RTB, MediaMath.  When you are ready, this is the most bad ass traffic buying system available to small business. When you give it more than 5 minutes to learn about what it actually does, before you THINK you know what it can do, the fog clears and you can really see what big is.

Feel free to shoot me any questions you have about ClickCertain. You can find me at Corey Bornmann At Gmail Dot Com.

I’ve got loads of other posts coming in the next few days about RTB in nice bite sized chunks…

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