Keyword Stacking SEO Case Study Part 2

Keyword Stacking Case Study Part 2

Keyword Stacking Part 2

So when we left off yesterday, I had just built the Keyword Stacked website, about 4 or 5 of them across various niches and I sent one Drip Feed Blasts profile links their way. I only did one blast for the whole group at once to get them indexed then I let them sit and age…

Then I got distracted

I had pretty much forgotten about keyword stacking because of Google doing away with the Wonder Wheel tool rendering my AffPortal Wonder Wheel scraper useless. So I thought the idea was useless and I just let the orphaned websites fend for themselves b/c Keyword Stacking as I had defined it was as dead as the Wonder Wheel.

Jump ahead to February of 2012, last month. I needed to work on my Google suggest tool inside of AffPortal to update it because a recent Google update had broken it. As I was working on it it occurred to me that I could use this tool to create nested directory structures as well by automatically pulling Google’s suggested keywords as you enter in your top level and high-volume keywords with a single letter behind.

So what I did was I completed the first two steps as outlined yesterday (gather 1 main keyword and 5 – 10 high volume keywords) then took my high-volume keywords and fed them into the AffPortal Google suggest keyword scraper. In seconds I had about 60 relevant, and more importantly RELATED keywords according to what Google is telling me in real time. I then copied the keywords then dumped them into the Adwords tool to find the top 10 results for each high-volume keyword in terms of search volume.

I have spent the a good part of the last three days building out the framework very carefully with Dreamweaver and creating content for the this version of a keywords stacked Seo website.

That brings me to today and I’m anxious to see what the results are when I actually concentrate on the off-site Seo and link building for this website which is the next step. Off site SEO of course.

I have a few gigs at Fiverr that I like for backlinks as well as some of my own sources so I’ll be doing that for an hour a day for the first week or so then cut back and let SEO Commander remind me when I need to update this new website.


Need to see some results from the first keyword stack I made?

The domain is:

I pulled a report called “Organic Keywords by Domain” from inside AffPortal on and here are the results.

Now granted the search volumes are not high for these keywords but what this does is prove the concept of “Keyword Stacking” directories. This site is seeing conversions guys.

The “Flirty Girl” site also shows that with only a few really lame forum links and some time to age I was able to rank very poor spun content for 11 different keywords.

Did you take a look at how long those URLs are?

If you can see where I’m going with this you will understand that if you put the strategy together with a much higher quality website and good content along with consistent link building off-site I’m very confident that you will be able to rank for much higher volume keywords in a more profitable niche.

So THAT is what I’m testing this month. A totally keyword stacked affiliate website disguised as a nice, informative, content driven review blog.

I will be sure to post back my results in a few weeks time in part 3 of this Keyword Stacking Case Study.

So for now, buh bye and God bless…

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