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My buddy Tommy Bussey, a social search expert from was kind enough to write this excellent guest post on using “Social Signals” in your seo efforts.

One of the more important ranking factors being incorporated into search algorithms nowadays (and moving forward) is social signals. It’s very important to remember that your domain isn’t just a domain anymore. Your domain is your brand. Notice how much favor Google is paying toward it’s big advertisers by awarding them higher rankings in organic search? Those guys have established brands. Yes, it makes it tough to compete, but not impossible. Ever since marketers started doing SEO it has been a marketing practice that changes frequently. Obviously, core principles will always remain, but the evolution of SEO can happen as often as monthly, quarterly, etc. The point is…don’t be afraid to adapt. In fact…screw fear; if you don’t adapt you will fail (apologies for the bluntness).

All that being said, one great way you can get people to start mentioning your site on social media is by creating sub pages on your site(s) that offer fun quizzes about pretty much anything (e.g. pop culture, music, cartoons, IQ, etc.). Let’s say (for example) you create a 10-question quiz called “Family Guy: What character would you be?”. You develop 10 easy questions with multiple choice or true/false answer formats. Make sure you nail down some sort of scoring system, then put the quiz on your site. The key to making this effective is how many people you can get to take the quiz and then how many of those people you can get to share their results on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Now, I would recommend using something like You’ll see for yourself why it’s such an awesome tool. Now, if you don’t want to spend the money on their app, try building something yourself following the same model.

Ok, so now you have your quiz, it’s programmed on a page with awesome sharing-ability. What next? I recommend¬† using StumbleUpon Paid Discovery. This is an easy, affordable way to get your page in front of a highly targeted audience. Ask for Jean, tell her Tommy Bussey sent you :)

You may be wondering how this whole little scheme actually benefits you and your site. Well, there are actually a few benefits. First, you’re going to increase your site’s average “time-on-site” length because you’ll have thousands of new visitors interacting with the quiz, thus spending more time on your site. The more time people are spending on your site the more search algorithms will see your site as a quality resource. Second, when people share their results, obviously they will be sharing links on Facebook and Twitter back to your website. So cool! Another benefit is that your “brand” is being built by these social mentions as well, giving you more credibility in the long term.

Feel free to visit for more insight on ranking and banking with integrated search strategies.


The feedback from those of you that tried out the new Social Intelligence tool in AffPortal has been solid. Thanks to all of you who gave the free trial a whirl and for all your feedback. As of today I have implemented all your suggestions and request for this tool with the exception of additional profiles focusing on other countries outside of the US.

Currently we have two “off shore” profiles in there. One from Canada and one from Romania. More will be added over the coming weeks as we make our Social Intel tool off the charts…

If you are interested in a customized version of the Social Intel tool customized and accessible just by you, shoot me a message to and we can work something out for sure. Since it’s a one off version with profiles created just for your specifications, it’s priced for the experienced affiliate because it’s a ton of work getting it set up.


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