Top 3 Ways To Pick A Winning Niche

The Golden Ticket

Amazon Cross Selling does a masterful job of cross selling to the leads you send their way. Approximately 60% of what affiliates sell from Amazon comes from other recommended products.  BUT do you know where they draw these products from? They don’t talk much about this algorithm but you can bet your butt that it’s a combination of Amazon best sellers with a little of your personal browsing history mixed in for personalization.

Niche Research

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Amazon just hands over this data and it’s up to you to do something with it. Why not use it as a starting point for new campaigns? The first thing you need to do is plug it into the Adwords Keyword tool and see what kind of search volume they are talking about. This is exactly how I found Pillow Pets BEFORE Pillow Pets were huge and that campaign alone has netted me over $10k in the last two years and paid for 2 very fat Christmases.

Sell What You Use

If you know 10% more about a certain topic or product than the general public, that makes YOU the expert. What better way to gain that experience than to use the product yourself? Getting familar with a product by actually USING it is the best way to position yourself as the expert on Black & Blue Widgets… There is no better way to gain absolute LEGITIMACY than taking a short iphone video of you using the product.

This past weekend I rented a Mantis rototiller to grind up our garden. Although I didn’t take a video, like I totally should have, that 5 hours of grinding away into hard clay and raw turf was a super education on the Mantis tiller… This product was originally an “As Seen On TV” package that made it’s way into legit brick and mortar retailers.

Any guesses what my next campaign is going to be? Mantis baby, Mantis!

Niche Intelligence Service

It’s rare that you can get a 7 figure affiliate marketer to open up their swipe file of future campaigns but when and IF you ever get the chance to take a look at what the big guys are promoting you need to pay attention quick (eyes front son).

That’s exactly what a 7 figure affiliate named Chris Rempel, from the Lazy Marketer fame, has put together. Over the years Chris has compiled a swipe file with literally HUNDREDS of these niches and products. He has compiled such a reservoir of niches (fully researched) that it’s impossible to promote them all w/o going insane. So what he as done is put together a “done for you” service featuring these HIGH RATIO niches, with all his research included at Affiliate Recon. At $197/month this service would pay for itself in less than a month but for 72 hours it’s just $27. That’s TWENTY SEVEN bucks. Affiliate Recon is scheduled for a limited release Tuesday the 27th at noon eastern so check it out. I’ve been on the inside and it’s just sick (sell what you use)…

Niche building needs to be an ONGOING process for any internet marketer so start building that niche swipe file today. You’ll be glad you did when you sit down for some campaign building and half the battle is done. Then it’s time to build.

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