What’s trending on Facebook ads this week?

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Today I was looking at about a month worth of data inside of AffPortal and it’s amazing to see the trends that develop over time when it comes to Facebook advertising. There’s one particular ad that really stands out above the rest and it’s for a fitness offer called Rushfit. This particular picture and ad copy combination must be killing it because it’s been running since Christmas in just about every male demographic we look at.



It’s really no surprise that January is a big month for fitness resolutions and people spending money on the fitness industry especially when you can do it in your home. That is if you have the willpower to follow through on the program.


When you look at the picture this advertisers using it stands out from the rest of the ads. The picture of Georges is what a lot of guys aspire to regardless of age if they are at all in sports or they indicate fitness interests in their profiles.


If you think this is cool that only a little taste of what I found is trending this week on Facebook. If you want to check out more go to AffPortal.com and pound on the Social Intel tool for free for 3 days.



We’re currently in beta stage but that is only to test some of the search parameters and our data collection. Data is refreshed Monday through Friday and sometimes on the weekends as time permits.

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