Keyword Stacking – SEO Case Study Part 1

What is Keyword Stacking?

The Seo strategy called keyword stacking is when you take your top level keyword, in this case “flirty girl fitness” and collect 5 to 10 high-volume keywords using your tool of choice. The next step is taking these 5 to 10 high-volume keywords and running them through a Google suggest keyword scraper like we have in AffPortal. You can do this step manually but it will take a while, a long while to record all of the keywords that Google suggests for you.

The next step is to create a website several layers deep using these keywords. The idea is to use your top level keyword for the top level directory, the high-volume keywords for the next nested directory and finally using your suggested keywords for the third level nested directory and using those suggested keywords for the page name using underscores for spaces and either .htm or .php for the extension.

What you are left with is a URL for the forth level looking something like this:

How did I develop this concept?

When I had started experimenting with this technique a year ago the spring Google still had its wonder wheel tool available and I was using that wonder wheel to create these directory structures. The idea was that if this is how Google sees keywords as being related it only makes sense to create a nested directory structure using the same keywords. I built a few websites, quick and dirty like, spun one article about 200 times and posted that article to the pages. I did some minor spam back links but not more than a single drip feed blast that I left them to fend for themselves.

So What Happened Next?

About a month or two later I started noticing some Amazon commissions and as seen on PC commissions for these keywords stacked websites. It wasn’t a lot of money but it told me that this idea had some legs and I should continue to test the concept of keyword stacking directories.

It wasn’t too soon after that Google decided to pull its wonder wheel and out the window when my keyword stacking concept because I no longer had that nested directory structure laid out for me according to what Google considers related.

I will post part 2 of this SEO case study tomorrow right here at


Organize dozens of websites with ease

Now onto the good stuff… Today I was reading through the digital version of the new Website Magazine and in there was a great article on SEO based websites and one of the points raised by that article was that ORGANIZATION IS CRITICAL when you are working with dozens of websites and driving organic traffic. If you’re not organized you can’t see what websites need to be updated when, what actions you have done that resulted in either a rank increase or decrease, the last time you built back links to that particular website, URL and keyword and an overall 20,000 foot view of your  website portfolio and SEO business as a whole.

It’s ironic because in February I built a tool that does just that and you can see it for yourself at


What is SEO Commander exactly?

SeoCommander is a complete website portfolio manager that let’s you get that 20,000 foot view of your ENTIRE portfolio so it’s super easy to see what sites are on deck for link building and what the effects are of your SEO efforts over time enabling you to easily work on all your sites gradually over time.

You can find this website management software at and it is SUPER CHEAP right now. I started it’s price at ONLY $9/month with yearly and lifetime options for a slightly more.

Now that price is growing with every sale, WSO style.

It is Currently Priced At:

  • $10.02 monthly
  • $99.36 yearly
  • $197.52 lifetime

It is showing no signs of slowing down now that the word is spreading.

One of my first customers for SEO Commander was a long time AffPortal member named Derek.

Derek and his partner were struggling with using spreadsheets to organize their SEO activities and it was a nightmare keeping it organized, especially when outsourcing a lot of the work to India and they were attempting to stay organized with SHARED SPREADSHEETS. That’s a route that I have been using for the past 3 years as well. This spreadsheet has 60 tabs!!! A serious mess.

Derek says: Corey’s SEO Commander is a dream come true for us.  The features he has put into this application are awesome, everything we needed in order to keep track of all our SEO activities, for all our sites, has been incorporated into one easy application.

For anyone who is doing SEO — this app will organize it all and save you tons of time.  I highly recommend it.

-Derek G.

This is no bullshit testimonial folks (I’d be happy to show you the email).

So if you’re at all interested in SEO Tools and you struggle with organizing multiple websites then you should definitely check out and gain control of your unruly Seo portfolio while the price is still low.

There are so many new features in the hopper that will make this one of the most powerful Seo portfolio managers available today.



Talk to you tomorrow for Part 2 of the case study, but for now, check out the video below for SeoCommander or go lock in your price right now before it creeps up any farther.


Here’s a Preview of SeoCommander in Action

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