My $1000 Email Marketing Mistake

In 2010 my partner and I were working hard at building our online business together. We started hearing about other guys that were having HUGE paydays by “renting” email marketing blasts from niche experts to their enormous in house email list. We decided to give it a go. We approached one of the biggest names…

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Why I deleted my internet marketing blog

Yesterday I logged into my Beyond Hosting account and in a moment of complete clarity, deleted my blog and it’s database…. I can hear the shrieks from the SEO guys saying, “don’t do it, Google hates that”… um, don’t care… I write because I like to write. I write because I like to talk about…

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DIY Whiteboard Wall

There’s no better Mental Laxative than a Whiteboard Wall I’m talking floor to ceiling and at least 8 feet wide. And it’s even better if the total cost is just $39. Why so cheap? Because we’re using a construction grade material called “White Hardboard Wall Paneling” and so far the only place I can find…

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