DIY Whiteboard Wall

There’s no better Mental Laxative than a Whiteboard Wall

I’m talking floor to ceiling and at least 8 feet wide. And it’s even better if the total cost is just $39.

Why so cheap?

Because we’re using a construction grade material called “White Hardboard Wall Paneling” and so far the only place I can find it easily is at a home improvement store here in the US called Lowe’s. I’m not sure why but I can’t find it at Home Depot.

This paneling works great with standard dry erase markers and it’s safe to use whiteboard cleaner on it.

Just like with a production grade white board, you’re going to want to give it an occasional cleaning whiteboard cleaner because when dry erase sits for a while it is harder to erase.

How to install

  • Lay the panels flat so the back is facing up.
  • Spread liquid nails using a caulk gun in the following pattern. Edges first then a big X in the middle.


  • Press the whiteboard to the wall and adjust it to make it level
  • Using masking tape, tape down the edges to the wall in several spots while the Liquid Nails cures overnight

Considering a 4′ x 8′ whiteboard on Amazon will set you back about $270, this will get you “Mentally Regular” for years at a very small fraction of the cost.



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