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Finding Buyer Keywords In Three Easy Steps

Buyer Keywords are keywords that a prospect uses to find a solution to their immediate problem.

That problem can be that they are overweight, can’t find a date or have pimples on their butt…

The exact problem is not our focus. Our focus is on the solution to the problem and figuring out what keywords they are using to find the solution.

Here’s an example.

Jane wants to lose weight and has heard a little about fasting over the years as a good way to lose weight.

A keyword that provides Jane with an immediate solution to her weight loss issues via fasting is a buyer keyword.

I’m Corey Bornmann from and in this video I’ll show you how to find those direct response, buyer keywords that will put money in your pocket.

In this “Lose Weight” scenario, one good example of a buyer keyword would be a product name like “eat stop eat” that your prospect may have seen an a review website when they were searching “Research Keywords”.

Wait, what are “Research Keywords”?

Research Keywords are search terms that a prospect uses to research information ABOUT a solution to their problem.

Not HOW to buy the solution, but information about a solution.

When a prospect is searching “Buyer Keywords”, that’s the moment that they’re looking to BUY.

If you place yourself in the middle of that prospect’s internal buying frenzy, the prospect will BUY the product you’re promoting right now.

If you’re looking to make the sale right now this is called direct response marketing. In direct response, targeting buyer keywords is the secret sauce.

Here’s how to find those buyer keywords for your next campaign.

The first thing you need is a source of data. There are many places to do competitive research and you can pay hundreds monthly to pull together this data from multiple sources.

Sometimes big data ain’t cheap.

In this example I’m going to use AffPortal, because I built it and it’s what I use. Feel free to use your own big data research providers like Sem Rush or Similar Web.

If you don’t have the $100 to kick out for SEM Rush or Similar Web, use AffPortal because it’s much cheaper.

Now that you know what a buyer keyword is, here’s how to find them in three easy steps:

  1. Select a good product to promote

Clickbank, JVZoo or your favorite affiliate network.

  1. Get organic results

Google – search the product name and manually scrape out the page urls to notepad

AffPortal – Top 20 Organic Search Results – search product name

  1. Find target keywords

If review article – find keywords that article is ranking for

if review website – find keywords that a website is ranking for


What’s Next?

  1. Target the buyer keywords

Build a new product review site or publish an article on existing review site then promote with pay-per-click targeting buyer keywords

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