How To DOUBLE Your Productivity

Just think about how amazing it would be if you could clone yourself. Say you normally work 8 hours a day. The two of you would get 16 hours of profit building work done and seriously boosting that PayPal account balance at the same time.

But unfortunately cloning is not an option… BUT, you can be twice as productive if you apply an old programmers trick, RE-PURPOSING your completed work.

Back in 1998 when I was learning to code for the upcoming Y2K fiasco, my instructor spoke about the value of developing a “Code Bank”. When working on projects we would constantly run across the same little tasks that needed to be coded. For that programmers write compact little self contained blocks of code called functions that are flexible enough to be used over and over again and accomplish one task so they are pretty generic.

A good example of this is verifying that a date field value is actually a real date and not like December 32nd. For that we have a date validation function that we don’t have to re-code every time we need to validate dates.

The same concept can be applied to repetitive digital marketing tasks. I write them up in a simple text file and store them in a folder named “Process Library”.

Say for example you are promoting the latest greatest JVZoo product of the day. Every time you build your promotion, here’s the usual task list that you need to work through…

1.   Apply for affiliate link

2.   Collect bonuses

3.   Build bonus page

4.   Build download page

5.   Create ad & social images

6.   Build Facebook campaign

7.   Create review blog post

8.   Write promo email


Instead of every time you do a promotion and have to consciously think about the next step, if you had it in a simple “JVZoo Product Of The Day Promo.txt” file, you could just follow the steps and get it done in 3/4 of the time because you can stay in task mode, not figuring out the next step mode.

Ok so that’s being 25% more productive. What about the other 75%?

That’s where you get into more re-purposing… If you built a bonus library to hold all your bonuses you could pull bonuses from it at will. When you come across a new little widget that would make a good bonus, just add it to the library for you to use in a future campaign.

A good tool for this bonus library is Commission Gorilla. It’s a huge time saver if you haven’t already checked it out. I checked it out and highly recommend it.


Your bonus and download pages should never be built from scratch. I re-purpose a high converting template I have been using for about a year now and I can get the bonus page up in minutes. Commission Gorilla is also good for building bonus and download pages in minutes, not hours.

Your creative banner ads… Yep, there’s a template for that… at least in my processes library there is. I created mine over a year ago and it’s the best converting banner ad I could come up with. Not to mention the still reigning champion from over 300 different split tests in the last 6 months across all kinds of niches.

The next time you build a Facebook ads campaign… note the steps you take in a text file called “Facebook Campaign Creation”… I guarantee the next time you build a new Facebook Ad, you will cut your time in half if you rely on your amazingly detailed ad building notes.

And finally the last way I like to double my productivity is ALWAYS having an ulterior motive. Now that sounds mean and sneaky, like how your passive aggressive ex-lover used to behave… I’m not talking about that.

If the work you work hardest on has at least two or three OR FOUR applications for the end product, you can CRUSH IT on the productivity scale.

An example of this is doing an interview with a well known Digital Marketer. The content that results from that interview can be used and reused SEVERAL TIMES… You can re-purpose interview content as:

1.   A New Blog Post

2.   A Lead Magnet for a Lead Gen campaign in Video format

3.   A Lead Magnet for a Lead Gen campaign in MP3 “on the go” format

4.   An opportunity to JV with that big time digital marketer

5.   Content for your YouTube channel

6.   The topic of the interview can be an issue that you are struggling with yourself and you just got some $300/hr consultation with an industry expert for free by doing an interview about that exact topic.

7.   Social Status update and opportunity to build your Facebook audience by boosting the post for $5.

So that’s just a quick 7 ways I just came up with to milk the extra juice from a simple 10 minute interview. Tell me THAT’S not boosting your productivity.

Join my new Landing Pages group on Facebook and let me know how you like to re-purpose your work.


I’ll send you a 2 free bootstrap landing page templates from my bonus library if you join the group and post one productivity booster that works for you.

Cheers To Gettin’ It Done!!!

Corey Bornmann

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