How To Monetize Your Thank You Page

By putting an inexpensive offer on your thank you page you can make your lead generation campaigns pay for themselves and it’s not terribly hard to do.

Here’s the formula: Paid Traffic (Facebook Ads) > Squeeze Page > Self Liquidating Offer (Inexpensive $7 Offer ).


That’s the simple lead generation strategy I have been yapping about since mid September when I put out Easy Way Lead Magnets. The 3rd Step of that formula (Self Liquidating Offer) is the first page your new lead sees after they opt in to your list (ie: your “thank you page”).

The goal is to monetize your thank you page to make your lead gen campaign break even or better.

With a little campaign optimization and a high quality $7 offer, your campaign pays for your traffic spend and then you can scale it larger and larger.

The challenge that a lot of us face is putting together a HIGH QUALITY, inexpensive offer for that thank you page.

For years I have spent upwards of a week making that thank you page offer, not knowing if it will convert. That’s a lot of time to spend on a inexpensive offer.

This year I started buying pre-built self liquidating offers for my thank you page that I just customize a little and throw it on the “after opt in page”. My Self Liquidating Offer development time went from 7 days, to 1 hour.

Here’s the latest one I picked up this week during it’s pre-launch this morning.

I’m using this for a lead generation campaign that I’m launching this week. Again my strategy is simple. I’ll be sending Facebook traffic (target: affiliates interested in CPA), to my own lead magnet and using CPA Marketing Excellence on my thank you page to pay for the ad spend.

Why is the CPA Marketing niche awesome?

1. Because a lot of us run affiliate offers so we know about the CPA concept.

2. Because your cost per acquisition stats are essential for campaign optimization and scaling. Too many new marketers look only at cost-per-click.

3. The market is simply huge and there’s unlimited products you can promote to a healthy list interested in digital marketing.

Sales Page Swipes v1 Bonus

I confess, I steal sales page design from the best marketers out there and add my own sales copy (using their flow) to promote offers in any niche out there.

When I see a page I like, I recreate a template that’s fully mobile responsive and use it for my own campaigns in a different niche. So it’s not full on ripping off sales pages, just swiping the designs.

This week I’m putting out a design template I made from a very high profile marketer’s sales page and it’s almost finished. It takes about 30 hours to recreate and test these blank templates to assure they are responsive on all devices and I’ll give it to you when you purchase CPA Marketing Excellence.


Have a super Sunday everyone!

Corey Bornmann

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