List Building With A Self Liquidating Offer

The Self Liquidating Offer is a powerful concept to build your list and have it pay for itself along the way.

Here’s The Process To Create The SLO.

1. Build a Lead Magnet and Squeeze Page

2. Build a LOW DOLLAR offer for the Thank You Page

3. Drive paid traffic

4. Optimize


The goal here is to optimize your campaign to the point where it breaks even or makes a small profit. Once you are to that point, you scale up your ad spend and monetize your new list on the back end through your auto-responder.

Here’s an example of a Lead Magnet that I made late yesterday that I have started testing it this morning with $5 on Facebook:

Currently my leads are coming in at over $1 per lead but I’m very confident I’ll be able to optimize that down to .50 or less with some split testing like I always do.

The good news is my low dollar thank you page offer (the SLO) converted once already and paid for the first few bucks of Facebook ad spend.

The Single Most Important Key

The key to this system is SPEED. How fast can you create a good lead magnet that converts?

You DO NOT want to spend two days dicking around writing content, waiting on your ebook cover to be made and trying to hack together a landing page.

You don’t know if this will be a hit or a flop so the idea is get it out the door fast and if it starts converting for you, then optimize it.

If it’s a flop, you will have only wasted an hour or two so you can move on to your next lead generation campaign.

The above example took me just under 60 minutes to create from start to finish.

How did I do it so fast?

The lead magnet content is a high quality PLR ebook that I edited and made even better (30 minutes).

The landing page is a fully responsive template that I created and just modify every time I use it (20 minutes).

The #1 reason it took me less than an hour to created this lead magnet is that I didn’t have to wait around for a designer to make me a good ebook cover.

I used Pixel Studio FX to create the cover and it was done and added to the eBook and landing page in just under 10 minutes.

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400+ Niche Articles Bonus Package

I have put together a great bonus package that will help you with creating the content for your lead magnet.

If you are one of the first 50 people to get Pixel Studio for $47, you can get 400+ high quality articles, in 36 different high volume niches, to compile into an eBook and get started right away. If this bonus doesn’t have the niche you are looking for, I’ll help you find content that you can use personally.


* this eCover was created in 2 minutes with Pixel Studio FX

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