My $1000 Email Marketing Mistake

In 2010 my partner and I were working hard at building our online business together. We started hearing about other guys that were having HUGE paydays by “renting” email marketing blasts from niche experts to their enormous in house email list.

We decided to give it a go.

We approached one of the biggest names out there and received a quote for $1000 for a one time blast to well over 250,000 people. We trusted him to craft an engaging email and we handed over a cool one grand.

Blast day came and we felt the stoke!

We waited for a tidal wave of new customers to roll in and at the end of the day we got one conversion for $47.

This was the last time I purchased an email blast and never even considered it again…

… until I spoke with my business mentor Jonathan Mizel last Friday.

For those of you that are not familiar with Jonathan, you should be. He’s been monetizing the web since the mid 1990’s.

If there were military dating offers back then, he would have been squeezing email addresses from the Arpanet. That’s how OG Jonathan is!

jonthan-mizelSo last Friday, school was in session and Jonathan was the hot teacher with the long hair in a bun and smarty looking glasses.

We talked about email marketing in depth and Jonathan, the cool Maui surfer that he is, sent me a link to his last presentation about buying email blasts and how to do it correctly.

I watched it Sunday and instantly I knew how I screwed the pooch in 2010.


  1. My funnel was non-existent as all the traffic went directly to the sales page and I asked total strangers to pay me $47 monthly until they die.
  2. I didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to funnel these prospects to my own list from a 6 figure email blast (10,000 instant email subscriber list GONE).
  3. At the time I never heard of a Self Liquidating Offer and how it pays the bill for your email blast ($1k out the window).
  4. We never did a small test to refine our sales page, process, etc (Doh!@$@#).

I asked Jonathan to do a live encore presentation for us and he agreed.

THIS THURSDAY, April 2nd at 4:30 Eastern, Jonathan is gonna teach us:

  • How to do paid email marketing correctly
  • Why paid email the single best source of traffic of them all
  • What you need to do to master email marketing like he and his partner Tim have been doing for 20+ years sitting on the beach in Maui

Yea, these guys live in Maui. Please don’t ask for more social proof than that.

This is your chance to get on a call with a couple of masters, that have been in the game forever in internet years and get your questions answered during an open Q&A session at the end!

Plug in your microphone, strap on your headset, it’s game time…

Register Now to Master Email Marketing Even If You Don’t Have A List

Copy-and-Paste Jonathan and Tim’s recipe for Email Marketing success Thursday April 2nd at 4:30 Eastern (1:30 Pacific).

Click Here to Register

There’s only 500 seats available on this webinar so register now and get on early to claim your spot!

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