PRO Market Research Method

PRO Market Research Method for Affiliate Marketers

Paid – Referrals – Organic

The PRO Market Research Method is the easiest way for affiliate marketers to research any affiliate offer. This is an easy formula that you can use right now to crack open a niche market and is based on three easy-to-remember data points. Paid, Referrals & Organic.

There are many tools available to find the data the data that you need for the PRO Method. I’m using AffPortal Tools (7 day free trial) but you can use Similar Web or SEM Rush advanced research tools if you have a larger budget.

To start the process you need an offer to promote. In the examples below you can see we are doing the affiliate market research using the root domain for offers in the bed bug, green drink and turmeric niches.


Does this offer’s website bid on Google Adwords?


This is the low hanging fruit of market research. By swiping the merchants keyword list you can see exactly what the good keywords are to target with paid ads as well as target with organic traffic.

The other “gimme” is digging up this website’s text ads.


Swiping their ad copy and using it as inspiration for your own ads gives you a serious head start with the way to write your own ads.


Who is sending this website the most traffic?

If the website has no paid keywords and no paid ads the next best thing to check is their referral traffic.


Using referral traffic you will be able to see the top websites that are sending traffic to this website. A lot of times you will see the larger affiliates in these referral data records.

If you are able to find successful affiliates, you can figure out what they are doing by running them through the same PRO research method  and swiping their ad copy, paid domain keywords, referrals and landing pages.


The third most easy to find data is a website’s organic keywords.


This data can be sorted by cost per click and run through a paid search ad scraper to find advertisers or can be dug further into using a related keywords tool to find similar keywords and their competition landscape.

The PRO Market Research Method

So in a nutshell that’s the PRO market research method. In the coming days I’m going to do a video on each of the three components but for now you can dig into AffPortal free for 7 days and do a little affiliate market research yourself right now.


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