Profit with Email Marketing Without a List

Yesterday we had an awesome session with Jonathan Mizel live from Maui Hawaii where he and his partner Tim Gross explained their email marketing “Power Formula” that they have been refining for 20 plus years to live a life we all dream of.

A few years back they built a brand new business in the health niche selling weight-loss supplements to women and built a 5 figure email list in less than 90 days just following the formula that they have perfected.

Here’s their power email marketing formula in a nutshell…

Offer + List + Funnel + Follow Ups = Profit

Seems simple enough right?

So, what did Jonathan and Tim do for step two when they had no list in the weight loss niche?

Easy, they paid for an email blast and yesterday they told us exactly how to do it without losing your shirt using a simple funnel (squeeze page > offer page) otherwise known as a fat list building, Self Liquidating Offer.

If you’d like to learn about the FIVE reasons email is the best traffic of them all, FOUR best niches to mail to, THREE pillars of email marketing and about Mizel’s 12 case studies watch this 60 minute presentation they put on. It was all time.

Watch the presentation: Email Marketing WITHOUT a list

Click Here to Watch

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