The Crypto Thing

We’re looking for beta testers to try out, a cryptocurrency signaling software we’re actively developing.

In return the first beta testers get a lifetime pass once we open testing this spring.

What is Crypto Signaling Software?

It’s basically a software that will send you buy / sell signals for the top traded cryptocurrency and allows you to do research to spot opportunities to jump in or jump out of a specific crypto.

The back end is powered by an AI business intelligence engine that has the capability to spot trends hidden within massive amounts of data that is simply impossible to do manually.

The Experts

My two partners in this project are highly successful crypto traders and have brought unique perspective on the cryptocurrency market after years trading on the stock market.

Their financial know how mixed with my data software expertise is a lethal match.

We’re building something great that will enable everyday people to begin with cryptocurrency regardless of their past experience and you’re invited to get first crack at it once it’s finished.

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Corey Bornmann

Corey Bornmann is the founder of, one of the web's first toolsets for Internet Marketers. He lives in Central Pennsylvania with his wife and two daughters. Aside from internet marketing, he's also a real estate investor and lifelong entrepreneur. Corey played college football for Shippensburg University. #godisgood

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