Cartoon Images For Winning Facebook Ads

There’s a growing trend in social media that I’m sure you have started noticing.

Marketers big and small have started using cartoon style Facebook ads more frequently and there’s a good reason for it.

From Chris Rempel (King of SEO) to Ryan Deiss (King of Social), cartoon ads are on the move.

Here’s two of my favorites from Rempel and Deiss:



So what makes cartoon ads so powerful?

It’s simple, they’re native and they’re disarming.

They don’t scream at you with a big gnarly call to action.

The days of the red arrow pointing to an orange box have been put out to pasture. Replaced with a friendly smiling face or a T-Rex ready to bite your fingers off.

The best part is that cartoon style Facebook ads are not difficult to make. Using readily available clip art, some image editing capability and a little time, anyone can build a ‘toon ad that can beat the competition with a big ACME hammer, Daffy Duck style…

I put together a 4 minute instructional to show you how anyone can put together a winning cartoon ad even if they can’t trace their own hand.

Click this sweet little example below to learn how to build a cartoon ad like this in two minutes for your next Facebook ad campaign.



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